Weather Proof Cameras for Harsh Environments


Outdoor Security Cameras Keep Video Flowing in Every Kind of Weather Condition


Outdoor areas need video surveillance coverage to maintain security 24 hours a day. Wind, rain, sleet, snow and other environmental factors can threaten that security if the cameras are not built to withstand harsh weather. For every outdoor deployment, it’s important to choose the best weather resistant video surveillance camera available.

With weather proof security cameras in place, you will have video information to help solve crimes like vandalism or trespassing that are committed outdoors. You can mitigate risk from liability issues like slip-and-falls using video evidence. Even the presence of cameras outside your facilities helps to deter potential criminals from committing crimes.

When choosing weather proof cameras, look for features like low light, motion detection, anti-fog lenses and extreme temperature ratings that further enhance the ability to provide clear, reliable video and identify criminals and incidents. Be sure your cameras have at least an IP66 weather rating, with enclosures engineered to keep out dust and other small particles.

The best choice for use in outdoor environments, weather proof cameras make sure you have video even when the weather is working against you.

Weather-Proof-02.jpgWeather Proof Camera Applications

Critical Infrastructure
Oil and Gas
K-12 schools
Business campus
Municipal surveillance