VSaaS For Business


From enterprise organizations to SMBs, traditional video surveillance has been complicated and expensive. Managing on-site camera systems is both time-consuming and costly — systems with local storage require more upkeep, afford limited accessibility, and often demand on-site servers.

What is VSaaS?

By contrast, video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) offers a cloud-based managed video solution. Supported by cloud infrastructure, VSaaS is a remote surveillance camera system that affords users the ability to record, store, view, and manage footage — hosted in the cloud.

In recent years, organizations from a broad range of verticals have capitalized on the economic benefits provided by the shared infrastructure of the cloud. Numerous businesses use cloud technology for phone systems, email, and applications. By the same token, VSaaS is quickly gaining notoriety for its accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease-of-use for vertical markets of many kinds — from small and medium businesses to enterprise organizations.

Chief Advantages of VSaaS

We have only just begun to see the kind of ubiquitous influence software as a service (SaaS) will have on myriad industries. As more and more organizations adopt cloud-based technology, it’s crucial for decision-makers to understand the key benefits of VSaaS in order to take advantage of them.

The benefits of video surveillance as a service include:

  • Versatile - Used by SMBs, enterprise organizations, and global entities
  • Accessible - Receive real-time alerts on any device from anywhere in the world
  • Affordable - Eliminate the need to invest in dedicated servers and store footage onsite
  • Intuitive - Manage your VMS without a dedicated IT staff
  • Secure - Ensure data and video privacy with secure communications and access

Moreover, VSaaS opens the door to the possibility of replacing manned guards in favor of a cloud video surveillance system. Irrespective of the vertical, however, it’s easy to see the variety of advantages which security camera cloud storage has to offer.

Applications & Verticals

Because VSaaS boasts a wide variety of advantages, its application is equally diverse. Below are just a few examples:

  • Retail - Video management software dramatically reduces security vulnerabilities
  • Banking - Banks achieve 24/7 video surveillance without the added risk of storing footage on their premises
  • Government - Controllers gain access to data regarding crime, traffic, and beyond
  • Private - Property owners can have the peace of mind which comes from full control

In industries residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional, the VSaaS market is projected to continue its rapid growth.

Pelco: Our VSaaS Solution

For our part, Pelco has developed a VSaaS solution tailored for the demands which modern businesses face. Our cloud-based video surveillance system, MultiSight, is an IP camera cloud recording system that helps you manage your business from anywhere.

Naturally, MultiSight includes all of the benefits inherent to VSaaS listed above. But beyond industry-standard features, MultiSight offers businesses the chance to leave their outdated surveillance system behind, through tangibly beneficial attributes that include:

  • Pioneering Reporting - Get the latest in analytics by monitoring trends in your stores over time
  • Improved Communication - Empower your staff with real-time access to video, unlimited cloud storage, and data that is easily shared between teams
  • Scalable Growth - Scale as you grow by easily adding unlimited users and locations as needed
  • VSaaS For Rent - Pelco offers a complete VSaaS solution for lease as a more economical option

Learn More

Pelco and MultiSight can help your organization grow in a sustainable and secure way. Tighten your operations by harnessing cloud-based technology before your competitors gain the advantage.

If you are ready to speak with us about your business’ unique needs, take a minute to give us your information so we can reach out to you. Feel free to check out our video that Demystifies Video Surveillance in the Cloud at your convenience as well. Contact Pelco to learn how MultiSight can supplement your revenue while increasing your security!