Vandal Resistant Cameras

Vandal01Keeping watch over hostile environments

Ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of your video surveillance cameras is critical to maintaining a secure environment and mitigating risk in case of an incident. Among the many factors that threaten this continuous operation is vandalism. Many criminals will try to disable a video camera by striking it with heavy objects or attempting to pry it open to damage or cover the lens. For any application concerned with vandalism, the best choice is a vandal-resistant video surveillance camera.

Vandal-resistant cameras are designed to be rugged and tough so that they will continue working when subjected to rough treatment. The best vandal-resistant cameras will withstand direct blows to their housings and lens covers without breaking and without interrupting the video. Vandals will also find it next-to-impossible to open the camera’s housing to do damage or make any kind of alteration.

Ideal for deployment in hostile or challenging environments, vandal-resistant cameras survive and thrive in surroundings where ordinary cameras fail.

Vandal02Vandal Resistant Camera Applications

K-12 schools
Business campus
Retail environments
Municipal surveillance
Multi-tenant buildings

Many Pelco IP cameras carry the IK 10 rating, meaning they have been tested to assure protection against severe impact.