Tracking Undesirable Behavior In Casinos

Pelco CasinoThe large floorplan and varied areas of an operation casino require robust surveillance solutions to ensure consistent monitoring of the varied conditions that take place. With a large number of patrons and staff moving in and out of the building or onto the floor at any given time, and the strong emotions that can be brought out by the potential for winning and losing money, it’s essential that casino security be able to proactively respond to undesirable behavior. In order to act quickly, casino security needs to be able to monitor all areas of the casino with equal precision, no matter the lighting conditions in the camera frame. With proper surveillance in place, casino security can act quickly to prevent, respond to, and deescalate any threats from undesirable behavior.

Surveillance cameras that operate in a multitude of lighting conditions can give casino security officers the accurate information they require to proactively respond to undesirable behavior. Pelco surveillance cameras with SureVision technology, including Sarix Enhanced IP Cameras and Optera multisensor cameras, adapt to the full range of extreme lighting inside and outside of casinos, from dark gaming floors to bright outdoor areas, ensuring crystal clear images.

AdobeStock_34834950.jpegWith SureVision technology, Pelco cameras deliver a high definition, clear picture that aids operators in detecting undesirable behavior. Wide dynamic range ensures crisp images even in extreme lighting conditions, including those conditions that present both light and dark images. Headlights in a dark parking garage or neon lighting in a low-lit bar are examples of such conditions. Pelco multisensor and panoramic cameras can help to cover wide fields of view and ensure that no part of a casino goes unmonitored, enabling security to quickly and proactively respond to undesirable behavior. These features, along with noise filtering and capable low-light performance, allow for the integration of intelligent analytics to help detect up to 14 behaviors that may cause problems throughout a casino.

FreeWhitepaperIntegrated analytics help to detect undesirable behaviors, such as wrong way movement, object left behind, crowd monitoring, amongst other analytics included within the cameras. Alerts are sent to security officers if certain conditions are met (such as the violation of a digital perimeter by an unauthorized individual), and track identified individuals if needed throughout the premises. Additionally, facial recognition analytics can alert operators if a previous offender re-enters the casino, freeing security officers from constant monitoring of entrances.

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