Tracking Suspects After a Bank Robbery

AdobeStock_1080430When a bank robbery occurs, time is of the essence to apprehend suspects and recover their ill-gotten gains. Suspects will often blend into crowds, change clothes, and take complicated routes to avoid cameras and lose law enforcement. To prevent damages and liabilities for banks, accurately tracking suspects after bank robberies provides a tremendous advantage.

The ability to track suspects quickly and effectively is critical in apprehending them. It becomes more and more difficult to track suspects as they get farther from the scene of the crime and there are more routes they can take to flee, so law enforcement on the ground needs accurate information to follow suspects.

Surveillance can help to solve the problem of tracking suspects. However, using traditional methods requires dedicated manpower and time-consuming camera switching to track a suspect as they run past a series of cameras. In a location where cameras are far apart, it can be difficult to know where a suspect will next show up on video, while in a location where cameras are closer together, it is still a challenge to track a fast-moving suspect through myriad cameras.

AdobeStock_105713734.jpgIntegration of Video Management Systems (VMS) with intelligent video analytics can help to combat these problems. Using search criteria with people-tracking analytics, technology can identify a suspect out of a crowd of thousands and track them much more quickly and accurately than the human eye through the matrix of connected cameras. Pelco cameras capture crystal clear video to ensure accurate search results and detailed forensic evidence. Notifications can be sent to officers on the ground with updated information to keep them apprised of changes in a time-sensitive situation like a bank robbery.

FreeWhitepaperThrough an integration with IBM Intelligent Video Analytics, Pelco’s VideoXpert VMSoffers this people tracking software along with facial recognition, perimeter analytics, and others that can help to keep track of a person of interest as they attempt to flee. A set of parameters, such as clothing worn, gender, hair color, and estimated height can be input and easily changed to locate and track suspects, identifying them from recorded footage or locating them on live video and tracking them as they move through crowds. Security officers and law enforcement can stay updated and notified of changes in direction or clothing, without the risk of losing the suspect as they attempt to evade authorities.

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