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Predictive Analytics: Why is it important?

As we continue to push the frontiers of data science, predictive analytics continues to gain momentum. Data scientists are making increasingly accurate predictions about unknown future events, making our world less uncertain. For those who are new to the concept, predictive analytics draw from methods that include big data, data mining, machine learning, and statistical […]

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No Child Left Behind

As air travel becomes more and more a part of everyday life, airports are becoming more complex facilities. Multiple terminals, the proliferation of retail and food service outlets, circuitous layouts, front- and back-of-house areas, varying levels of security, and large crowds all make an airport more difficult to navigate, requiring intricate signage to ensure that […]

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How Advancements in Video Management Systems Help to Protect Small-To-Mid-Size Businesses

Small-to-mid-size businesses, or SMBs, are some of the most difficult businesses to properly protect from risk. Security systems and personnel often come at a cost that is difficult to justify because it seems large in comparison with revenue. Yet, without safeguards in place, it can be difficult for SMBs with modest cash flows to recover […]

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