Spare Part Number and Availability Inquiry

Spare Part Number and Availability Inquiry

Use this form to request non-standard spare repair parts for your product, and the availability of these parts. Please expect 24-48 hours for a response to your inquiry.

In an ongoing effort to assure availability of spare parts allocation for our service centers and assisting customers with their parts requests, Pelco has made the following changes with their Parts Ordering process.

Effective immediately we will be following these guidelines.

  • Customer requests for Parts cannot be combined with other finished good items. Separate Purchase orders will need to be submitted at time of order or customer confirmation that PO’s can be split.
  • There will be a minimum dollar value of $100 on any parts order.
  • Customer is responsible for the freight charges.
  • Service & Repair team reserves the right to accept or decline any new purchase orders for parts.
  • Please continue to submit your purchase orders with your Customer Service specialist.

Thank you for working with Pelco as we strive to improve our customer experience. 

Due to various product complexities, not all parts that makeup a product are available for purchase. Pelco reserves the right to determine what repair parts may be purchased on a case by case basis. Pricing will only be supplied if you have an active partner account with Pelco. If an account number is not supplied, you will be directed to contract your distributor for pricing.

To find a Pelco distributor near you, please vist our Global Distribution Partners list.