Smart Compression Technology

 Bandwidth savings


Smart Compression Technology by Pelco lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 70%, while retaining image quality and critical information for forensic purposes. Benefits include: reduced storage capacity requirements, high resolution, and upgradable firmware to protect your investment without sacrificing quality down the road.

For example, if you install conventional IP cameras that require 24/7 recording with 30 days of back-up recording at 15 images per second, your cameras will require substantial storage capacity, which can be expensive. With the right technology, cameras can dynamically analyze motion occurring within live video in real-time and intelligently compress the information you don’t need, while retaining high image detail in the areas of the scene that matter most.

By enabling a dynamic Group of Pictures (GOP), an added feature included with leading surveillance solutions, the number of I-frames are automatically reduced in scenes with minimal motion. Based on the complexity of scenes and the amount of motion occurring, such as in a storage room that has limited activity, up to 70% bandwidth savings can be achieved.


Supported by leading third-party VMS platforms, and with seamless integration to VideoXpert Video Management Software (VMS), Pelco’s Smart Compression Technology provides a significant advantage to Pelco’s leading camera lines including our Spectra™ Enhanced, Sarix™ Enhanced, Sarix™ Professional and Optera™ Multisensor Panoramic Camera Series.