White Papers

Security Market Survey Highlights Surveillance Needs

Learn how current surveillance professionals feel regarding their video surveillance solutions.

Planning a World Class Video Surveillance System

Learn the steps needed to build a world-class surveillance system.

Emerging Trends in Panoramic Cameras

Learn how to adapt to today’s changing surveillance needs.

Video Surveillance Systems for Small and Mid-size Businesses

New choices better match the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

How Video Surveillance and Intelligent Analytics Are Transforming Airport Security

Read about how video surveillance and intelligent analytics are transforming airport security.

Paper-VMW-Mockup-paper-mockup-1 (1)
Choosing the Right VMS for Your SMB

This tip sheet will point you in the right direction and help you get the answers you need when talking with security system providers and integrators.

The Three Keys to Effective Cybersecurity

If you’re not scared of cyberattacks, you’re not paying attention. Headlines in recent
years have made it abundantly clear that even institutions with access to the best
security resources are vulnerable to breaches.


On-Demand: Security Professionals Guide

Our experts weigh in on the considerations you as a Security Professional should take when choosing a security manufacturer.

Evolution of Security: Oil and Gas Industry

Our experts review what goes into building a solution that addresses your site’s complexity, infrastructure and high threat levels.

On-Demand: Security Professional’s Guide

This free webcast will provide overviews of new advancements in the security industry and much more.

On-Demand: Demystifying Video Surveillance in the Cloud

How can video surveillance benefit from the cloud? Where does Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) best fit?

On-Demand: ALPR Makes Vehicle Management a Safe, Smooth Ride

Join Branon Painter, Product Manager for VideoXpert Plates, to learn how ALPR can make your site or road application more secure by controlling restricted areas, recognizing global plates, capturing fast- (and slow-) moving vehicles, and identifying traffic violations.