Security Market Survey Highlights Needs for Intelligent, Flexible Video Surveillance Solutions


Pelco surveyed 489 end-users within the surveillance industry to determine their surveillance needs and where they see the industry headed. The study revealed significant and valuable insights into the current state of the video surveillance market, and how users rate their existing systems and market offerings in terms of meeting their business needs.

This whitepaper will explain the findings found within the survey and go into select detail on responses.
Some key findings you will learn from the survey:

  • One in every three end-users thinks artificial intelligence will make the most significant impact on the surveillance industry by 2020
  • Forty-four percent of end-users believe their current surveillance technology isn’t sufficient for 2020
  • Over half of those surveyed say they use their surveillance system to meet current business challenges, but haven’t seen it reach its full potential

Download the whitepaper for more details about the survey findings.