Pelco’s 4K Professional Series

Our 4K Series Offer Quality, Reliability, and the Security Features You Expect

When it comes to video surveillance, there’s no room for error.

You need cameras, equipment, firmware, and software you can rely on. What’s more, you need tools that are easy to use for operators. All of these are a must in today’s world.

To address a wide range of video surveillance needs, Pelco has developed top-quality 4K security camera systems that offer 4K clarity that enables a better level of detection that businesses and consumers have come to expect.

Our Spectra Professional 4K Series is designed to capture minute details in completely dark locations with integrated IR illumination. Able to accurately detect mission-critical details, the Spectra Professional 4K offers rugged and responsive PTZ operation for 24/7 surveillance applications.

Spectra Professional 4K Overview

The Spectra Professional 4K camera offer industry-leading performance for core security features at affordable prices you’ll appreciate. Use these reliable super-resolution video surveillance cameras for all your critical infrastructure needs.

Features, advantages, and applications of the Spectra Pro 4K include:

  • Ideal for runways, roadways, ports, bridges, waterways, sports venues, and more
  • High resolution and definition
  • 4K resolution
  • Automatic vari-zoom infrared (IR) illumination
  • Wide field of view
  • Pelco smart compression
  • Lets you save up to 85% on network bandwidth and storage
  • H.265 compression, the highest industry compression standard
  • Look-up capability: 15 degrees above the horizon
  • 24/7 day and night capabilities
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Rugged & durable for continuous outdoor use
  • Complete surveillance solutions
  • Affordable prices

Exceptional Detection Features

Our Professional Series 4K cameras offer outstanding detection features with high resolution, wide dynamic ranges, and outstanding low light sensitivity. Excellent infrared (IR) capabilities enable you and your security team to see what’s going on even in dim or no lighting.

Improved Security for Peace of Mind

Our extensive list of professional features brings you peace of mind knowing that your 4K security camera system is on the job and performing reliably regardless of lighting conditions or environmental factors! Confidently use Pelco’s 4K security cameras for 24/7 video surveillance in virtually any setting.

Bandwidth & Storage Savings

Even if you have limited storage and bandwidth budgets, you can take advantage of our 4K resolution while improving detection. You also have the option to optimize video streams for purpose and cost savings. Our Smart Compression enables you to easily reduce your bandwidth and storage costs.

Video Encoding & Image Stabilization Features

Multiple encoding methods are at your disposal, including H.265 and H.264. Digital image stabilization on Spectra Pro 4K gives you a clearer picture for better surveillance and easier identification of your subjects, even in the presence of vibration.

One-Stop Shopping Experience

We offer customers the assurance of these camera products well integrated with Pelco's VideoXpert VMS, as well as the convenience of ordering from a single point.

End-To-End Solution Support

What’s more, we offer the support and troubleshooting expertise you need to learn and configure your system just the way you want it set up. Our end-to-end solution support makes Pelco an attractive choice for buyers across multiple industries for a wide range of applications.

A Brand You Can Trust

Pelco is a name you can trust for your 4K video surveillance needs. We are known for top-quality surveillance camera systems around the world. For seamless surveillance solutions and exceptional security features, turn to Pelco.