On the Fly Anywhere, Anytime Access

Capture10Video surveillance systems are powerful tools that help maintain safe and secure environments that people need. Part of their value is capturing evidence that can be used later to identify individuals and prove what did or did not happen should an incident occur. Much greater potential value lies in the real-time view of a developing situation – so that proactive steps can be taken to protect people and property. For example, when first responders have mobile access to live video feeds, they can arrive on scene with a full understanding of the situation and they can be better prepared to manage a situation to a safe and secure outcome. In a similar way, allowing mobile access frees staff from having to monitor the system from a fixed location, letting them add value with other activities including supervision, training and investigations.

IP-based surveillance systems with these capabilities can send live video streams over the internet, where they can be viewed, along with archived footage or other important information, remotely from any PC with network access as well as by using smart devices such as phones and tablets. This allows authorized users to monitor activities covered by their surveillance systems from off-site locations as well as while on the move, so they are ready to control with confidence when the need arises.


Mobile Security System Access Applications

Oil and Gas Plants
Business campus
Gaming facilities
Municipal surveillance
Airports and Seaports