Maintaining a Secure Perimeter at Oil and Gas Facilities

AdobeStock_29803101 (1)Oil and gas facilities are among our most important infrastructure. Unfortunately, this also makes them highly attractive targets for sabotage, terrorism, protest, and other incursions. Protecting an oil or gas facility requires stringent security yet also must allow complex daily operations to take place, including providing access to contractors, vendors and temporary personnel, along with the maintenance necessary to keep the facility running.

While there may be access control at the entrances and exits and surveillance within the facility itself, the perimeter of an oil or gas facility is often a significant vulnerability. Security at the perimeter may include fencing, which is easily scaled, alarms which too often produce nuisance alerts caused by animals or wind, and cameras which are mostly useful for investigating a breach which has already happened.

Capture14.PNGWithout a dramatic increase in security measures along the entire perimeter of a large facility, how can you help prevent dangerous breaches from occurring? What is needed is a security solution that automates monitoring and threat identification along the perimeter and within the exterior premises, and notifies security management whenever there is an incident that requires immediate response.

Automated perimeter security can monitor both sides of the perimeter, detect any potential breaches, filter out false alarms (such as birds or blowing garbage) and alert authorities immediately when action is needed.

Fortunately, this solution is already available and being deployed, made possible through an integration between Pelco VideoXpert VMS and Xtralis ADPRO IntrusionTrace perimeter detection analytics. Exceptionally easy to deploy and use, VideoXpert provides a centralized hub to monitor and manage all aspects of oil and gas security, while Pelco’s suite of cameras captures sharp clear video needed to enable advanced analytics. Working together, the solution helps keep critical infrastructure safe from unauthorized individuals in every environment and weather condition.

FreeWhitepaperIn addition to protecting the facility perimeter from both sides, the solution can create a virtual fence around specific sensitive areas such as pipelines and import terminals and send proactive notifications of suspicious activity such as an object of interest or unauthorized vehicle. Offering high detection probability and reliability with reduced false alarms enabled by advanced analytics, the solution helps employees respond quickly to the most critical events by delivering real-time data with real-time video.

At Pelco, we are continuing to develop meaningful integrations that solve real problems for our customers. To learn more, download our whitepaper or contact us.