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Preventing Perimeter Breaches at Airports

For many years airports have been identified as some of our most vulnerable infrastructure. Anyone who has been on a flight during the last 15 years is well aware of the stringent security procedures in place at every airport.

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Maintaining a Secure Perimeter at Oil and Gas Facilities

Oil and gas facilities are among our most important infrastructure. Unfortunately, this also makes them highly attractive targets for sabotage, terrorism, protest, and other incursions.

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Locating Lost Children
 in Airports

Airports are large, complex facilities, growing ever more complex as air travel becomes more and more a part of everyday life. With multiple terminals, airports require complex signage to ensure that even adults don’t get lost.

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Tracking Suspects After a Bank Robbery

When a bank robbery occurs, time is of the essence to apprehend suspects and recover their ill-gotten gains. Suspects will often blend into crowds and take complicated routes to avoid cameras and lose law enforcement.

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Reducing Baggage Claim Waiting Times in Airports

When running an airport, ensuring that the moving crowds safely and efficiently reach their destination is priority one.

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Tracking Undesirable Behavior In Casinos

The large floorplan and varied areas of an operation casino require robust surveillance solutions to ensure consistent monitoring.

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Identifying Potentially Dangerous Individuals at Mass Gatherings

Communal gathering is part of the heart of any city, helping citizens come together and share in celebration, entertainment, and protest, among others. 

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