Identifying Potentially Dangerous Individuals at Mass Gatherings

AdobeStock_174767669Communal gathering is part of the heart of any city, helping citizens come together and share in celebration, entertainment, and protest, among others. Making sure that everyone at these gatherings stays safe is a major undertaking for law enforcement and other city security. Mass gatherings often take place in (for obvious reasons) large outdoor locations, making it difficult to cover the space with surveillance cameras and for on-the-ground officers to see the bigger picture. With so many people in such a large area, it can be difficult to identify dangerous behavior and react quickly.

Many factors contribute to making identifying dangerous individuals difficult. It may be difficult to pick out behavior that puts others at risk in a large crowd—people moving in the opposite direction of traffic, objects left on the ground that may present a threat, and crowds growing in unsafe areas such as entrances and exits are all behaviors that require monitoring but may be difficult to identify. It may be difficult for surveillance operators to pick out and track specific persons of interest (based on tips or predetermined watchlists) in large crowds, even with specific search criteria. If and when surveillance operators identify dangerous individuals, it may take precious time to notify officers on the ground accurately of the threat.

AdobeStock_93251301.jpegMany video surveillance products on the market, such as Pelco’s VideoXpert Pro video management system (VMS), can provide solutions to quickly identify potentially dangerous individuals and assist officers in locating them in a large crowd at a mass gathering. People tracking, object behind, and wrong-way movement analytics can help to quickly identify behaviors that may result in danger.  With Ipsotek and AgentVI analytics in place on VideoXpert, surveillance operators can easily identify any of these possible threats and quickly notify officers on the ground.

FreeWhitepaperThe cameras that deliver video to VMSes can also help to widen the range of area for operators to search for possible threats. With panoramic cameras like Pelco’s Optera series, a larger area is covered by a single camera, ensuring that no behavior escapes the camera’s sight. Low light vision and wide dynamic range (WDR) in place on panoramic or megapixel cameras also help to ensure that all possible threats are captured by capturing images even in the changing light in which most mass gatherings operate.