What ASIS 2017 Attendees Can Learn about Being a Technology Leader from Mark Cuban’s Keynote Address

The ASIS organization is expecting to host over 20,000 attendees and exhibitors at this year’s show. As they do each year, the organization is offering visitors several keynote speeches, with well-known individuals speaking about topics which are important and relevant to the security industry. Among this year’s notable speakers is entrepreneur Mark Cuban, whose address is set to prime attendees for the conference over the week to follow. Cuban, whose wide-ranging enterprises have given him both diverse business experience and great wealth, will speak on the challenges of securing his portfolio of assets, in addition to the effect of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology on the security community.


Cuban, who has spoken about machine learning before, is of the opinion that most people underestimate the potential that AI brings to change the face of technology. The facts certainly back him up. The pace of machine learning’s possibilities has been exponential. As machines start to learn how to think, employing the speed and precision of machine decision making could have a far-reaching effect on the security industry—especially as analytics perform more and more of the security work that was once done by human operators.

Analytics provide security professionals with a wealth of opportunities to enhance their bids and improve the systems they create and install. Facial recognition that integrates with access control, license plate recognition that can send alerts to security personnel should a designated plate enter a garage, and precise perimeter security algorithms that can tell the difference between a curious deer and a suspicious person at a fence line all provide security professionals with long-desired functionalities that increase the level of security across deployment sizes and capabilities.

Machine learning presents great opportunities for the security industry—as more and more high quality video is recorded, processed, and stored, deep learning algorithms develop a parallel ability to analyze this video for security threats, business data, and a wide variety of other information. Integrating deep learning capabilities with security systems enables these systems to provide unprecedented risk prevention and more optimized, efficient systems.

And opportunities are what the attendees of ASIS 2017 are looking for—new and better security solutions fueled by technology advances. With Mark Cuban as a keynote speaker, attendees can look forward to a unique perspective on how security will soon be operating at the highest levels and across a variety of verticals. Cuban’s opinions about machine learning, analytics and the technological future of the industry are sure to enlighten and educate ASIS attendees about the many new possibilities emerging now and in the very near future.

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