Top Trends for ASIS 2017

Trends in the security industry have been forming as 2017 rolls on, shaping the industry as it moves into the next year and beyond. Important security trade shows like ASIS contribute further to advancements in technology, developments in procedure, and increased communication between industry leaders, all helping to turn trends into foundational industry structure. Here are some developing trends to watch for at ASIS 2017:

Camera Technology is Expanding Available Resources
Camera technology has improved a great deal since the age of simple observe-and-report CCTV devices. HD, multi-sensor and other types of cameras provide high-resolution images that enable more advanced integration with a variety of analytics. Abandoned object detection, people counting, and heat mapping are all integrations you can expect to find on today’s video surveillance cameras, among many others. Wide dynamic range, compression, infrared illumination (IR) technology and other features have also improved, allowing cameras to perform exceptionally in virtually any conditions. Ever the basis of a functional surveillance system, improved camera technology means lowered risk—look for the evolution of cameras at ASIS.

Increased Communication Protects Systems from Hackers
The cybersecurity of your security system is an ever-increasing concern, as IP devices and the Internet of Things grow in prominence. It’s increasingly important to protect your systems from data theft, intrusion, and other threats presented by networked devices. It’s no longer optional for physical security teams to work together with cybersecurity to mitigate risk and discover possible threats. Because your IP devices can be used as a portal to the rest of your network and your secure data, IT solutions and cybersecurity concerns are a necessary addition to any security program. On the ASIS floor, look for collaborations between cybersecurity/IT technologies and the physical security industry.

Business Analytics are Creating Growth Opportunities
Integrated technologies today present massive opportunity to collect business data and use it to improve ROI. Retail operations can track customer hotspots; incident management integration reduces liability; point-of-sale (POS) integrations provide sales insights; predictive analysis with collected data can mitigate risk and alert personnel to threats even before they happen. With business analytics, your security system can help lead to growth for your business. Look out for opportunities to check out business analytics for yourself at ASIS.

Deep Learning is Crafting Individual Solutions
The increasing prevalence of neural networks has created an emerging opportunity to craft security solutions for individual businesses. Machines can process more data than could ever be interpreted by security technicians, and, in addition, potentially learn to recognize images, sounds, or text entirely on their own, in a process called “deep learning”. Security technologies are finding ways to make use of deep learning to comprehend data and evaluate risk much faster than algorithms, which often need to be recalibrated to adapt to changes in environment, evolving technology, and new business needs. With sophisticated machine learning, human error will also be reduced dramatically. Deep learning is beginning to create possibilities in the security industry, and is a definite trend to look out for at ASIS 2017.

With the rapid advancement of security technologies and procedures, there’s no better place to keep up with trends than ASIS 2017. Be on the lookout for what’s new, what’s evolving and what’s ahead, to see how you can harness technology now and in the future.

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