Why Compliance is Never Worth the Gamble for Casinos

on Oct 31, 2017 9:56:48 AM By | Miki Manjal | 0 Comments | Casino Compliance
The gaming industry continues its fast rate of growth, and state, corporate, and tribal casinos across every state and county have stringent compliance requirements to which they must adhere. Regulations in the different markets vary widely,..
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Design Your City Surveillance System the Right Way: Phase 1

on Oct 26, 2017 1:14:00 PM By | Angelica Torres-Corral | 1 Comment | City Surveillance IP Video Cameras
It’s often been said, you can do something fast, or you can do something right. This logic applies to any security professional who is tasked with designing a City Surveillance system. Due to budget constraints, city government bureaucracy and a..
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VideoXpert Steals the Show at ASIS 2017

on Oct 5, 2017 10:59:30 AM By | Heather Calandra | 0 Comments | VideoXpert ASIS
Memorable. That is the only way to describe my experience at ASIS 2017 from Dallas, Texas – my 10th ASIS conference in a row. As the global events manager for Pelco by Schneider Electric, I’ve participated in hundreds of security shows over the..
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Guest Post: 5 Hints You May Need More Storage Space on Your Surveillance System

on Oct 4, 2017 2:17:51 PM By | John Gallagher | 0 Comments | Surveillance
The storage demands on surveillance systems keep getting bigger. As higher performing and more complex surveillance technology is developed by the industry, storage needs are also becoming more complex and demanding. You may not realize just how..
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Top Trends for ASIS 2017

on Sep 22, 2017 6:09:46 PM By | Andy Gonzales | 0 Comments | Predictive Analysis VMS Cybersecurity IP Video Cameras
Trends in the security industry have been forming as 2017 rolls on, shaping the industry as it moves into the next year and beyond. Important security trade shows like ASIS contribute further to advancements in technology, developments in procedure,..
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