ISC West is Going to be a Bit Different This Year

Many of us have been in the professional security industry for many years – too many years to think about in some cases.

Along the way we’ve watched product development cycles accelerate compared to past years, with more competitors entering the market. These new players are actually stimulating the development of some new and significant solutions, while at the same time driving down prices in many categories. It has definitely been an interesting ride in this industry the last several years.

But somewhere along the way, Pelco got off track.

Lots of things can impact a company when multiple market influencers and conditions (including ownership) change. Once regarded as the leader in professional video surveillance with the most admired dealer and customer support programs in the world, Pelco lost ground in the process of transforming into a new day surveillance organization.

So for the last couple of years we’ve been quietly making some very big changes across every aspect of our organization – from new technology development and integrations to a new quality management system on the product side of our business, and new sales, marketing, support and operations initiatives on the people side of our business. We’ve covered it all, and will continue to build upon our improvements during the course of 2017.

You see, losing our position as your leading provider in the pro surveillance industry didn’t sit well with us – and we want it back.

Our new theme, “we’re moving ahead by your side” reflects the focus and intensity we’ve applied to this initiative over the last few years. You’ll be seeing and hearing this theme a lot of in the next few months, along with “we’ve got it all covered”. Two important statements that demonstrate both how we’ve changed as an organization and the range and quality of our new line up of surveillance solutions.

You’ll have the chance to see our new face at ISC West this year – along with a new suite of innovations and initiatives that we hope will change people’s perspective from who we used to be to who we are today and tomorrow. So when you see our exhibit at ISC West this year, I think you’ll recognize the new air of excitement at Pelco. To all of you old soldiers who know Pelco and the more recent entries into the pro security arena, things are going to be a little bit different at the show this year. We invite you to come see us and discover why.


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