ISC West 2018: Observations from America’s Biggest Security Event

If you work in the security industry, you can’t pass up the chance to attend ISC West, America’s largest annual display of the latest in security technology and strategy. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about new developments in the industry as well as to learn from others who are facing the same challenges as you in their day-to-day work.

We were particularly eager to hit the convention floor this year at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Strip. Although Pelco has long had a significant presence in the gaming industry, including at high-profile Vegas casinos, we were most excited to talk about the progress we’ve made on solutions aimed at enhancing safety in cities, schools, and roads.

In this interview, Dave deLisser, Global Sales Director for Pelco, talked about some of the highlights he observed at ISC West 2018.

What’s so special about ISC West?

What’s unique about ISC is the mix of people that it brings out. There are a significant number of both resellers and end-users. We really appreciate the opportunity it gives us to sit down with our reseller partners about projects that we’re undertaking together, but we also love hearing from those who are using our solutions on a day-to-day basis or who might be interested in partnering with us to improve the security at their facility or in their city. It’s insights from those people, who are the frontlines of security and surveillance, that guides our solutions towards fixing real-world problems.

What was new with Pelco this year?

We were very excited to talk to our partners in the corrections and education markets about solutions that are specifically tailored to their needs. Among other things, for instance, we’ve developed vandal-resistant camera solutions with fields of view that are ideal for stairwells and other low-lighting areas.

Perhaps most notable, however, is the progress we’ve made on solutions geared towards traffic monitoring and city surveillance. It was particularly exciting to talk to folks who are active in those fields about how the predictive analytics in our solutions can help them more proactively address traffic safety and crime by anticipating events before they occur and putting in place measures to mitigate the negative effects.

Point in case, it was during the event that we announced a global technology alliance with IBM, a global leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Our solutions will now leverage IBM’s Intelligent Video Analytics in what we are calling Pelco Analytics Powered by IBM, which seamlessly integrates IBM’s deep learning analytics into our video management system. It’s a ground-breaking development that will be particularly important in terms of Zone Monitoring and Traffic Monitoring. The enhanced analytics will help cities better-plan their traffic intersections –– everything from design to traffic signal timing –– because they will have precise counts of the number of pedestrians and cars that travel through the intersection at any given time of the day. That’s huge in terms of reducing crashes, improving urban mobility and even lowering operational costs.

Was there any particular interest or concern that you heard from attendees the most?

Perhaps the most striking trend was the number of people from the education sector who wanted to hear about ways to enhance school security. We were eager to talk to them about how some of our new solutions can contribute to campus security.

First, the predictive analytics features that exist in our solutions already will only get better due to our new alliance with IBM. So there are all kinds of capabilities that until recently would have been out-of-reach to a public school but are now accessible and affordable. Our solutions can include facial recognition to alert school security to the presence of individuals who, for instance, may have been barred from the premises. They can also recognize and alert personnel to objects that have been left unattended, such as a bag in a hallway. Or they can identify an unauthorized entrance, including somebody walking through a door that is not supposed to be accessed.

Last but not least, our VideoXpert video management system has made it much easier for organizations to retrieve footage of an incident quickly, whether it took place moments ago or weeks ago. That capability helps security professionals quickly figure out what’s going on during a high-pressure situation.

In one sentence, what’s the most important takeaway from this year’s show?

With the introduction of sophisticated video analytics and the ability to customize solutions tailored to the way our customers operate, we can now leverage technology to address the needs of a wide variety of customer stakeholders at a much larger scale all while improving cybersecurity and overall system flexibility.

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