How to Make the Most of ISC West

Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go. It’s your first time attending ISC West in Las Vegas, and you’re excited about the wealth of information you’re about to absorb during the four-day show.

With close to a thousand vendors, multiple demos, and over two dozen events, how can you ensure that you’re spending your time efficiently and getting the most out of the tradeshow?


First things first – Register! By registering ahead of the show, not only will you save on admission, but you’ll also be able to secure your tradeshow badge and begin formulating a show plan. By taking the time pre-show to map out a program, you’ll be able to maximize your time at the show and not waste precious minutes trying to figure out your next move. While you can view the exhibitor list and floor plan without registering, you won’t be able to save your show plan or connect with exhibitors prior to the show. Pre-registering also adds you to the ISC West email list, providing access to travel deals, important event information and more.

Words of Wisdom: Follow ISC West across all social platforms to stay in-the-know about what’s new and buzzy. The show will have a hashtag such as #ISCW17 which you can search in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to see what people are posting as the show progresses, and which you can include in your own posts during the show to make sure other people following the hashtag see them as well.

Outline Your Objectives

Even with proper planning, it is impossible to meet every vendor and attend all demos and events. By prioritizing your objectives, you’ll be able to hit the must-sees and avoid anything that doesn’t pertain to your specific needs. To assist, ISC West created My Show, a complimentary planning tool that offers access to the full exhibitors list, show floor plan and more. Attendees can favorite the exhibitors they’re interested in meeting with, register for the events they want to attend, and schedule their education sessions before arriving in Las Vegas. To further maximize efficiency, the ISC West Mobile App is available as a great resource for when attendees are on the showroom floor and need to look up information or booth locations.

Words of Wisdom: If you are interested in spending ample time with a specific vendor, plan to go to that booth on the last day when attendee traffic is minimal. If you are running low on time to spend with a particular vendor you’re interested in, have them scan your badge so you’ll be added to their database for future updates or newsletters.

Also, the prominent security manufacturers within the industry will bring in all their product managers to help showcase their featured products and assist the sales people on the tradeshow floor. This is a perfect opportunity to really dive into specifics and hear from the person who helped design the product you’re interested in from its inception. With a little research on the manufacturer’s website or blog, you can find out who this person is and how to schedule a one-on-one meeting with them. Do your homework and review any whitepapers or blogs they’ve published and come prepared to have your most challenging questions answered. No one knows the product better and this should help validate your decision to move forward or explore new options.

When the show is over

How successful was your ISC West experience? Only you can answer that question. Hopefully your meetings were interesting and engaging, and all your questions were answered. Maybe you came away with more clarity on a security issue your business is encountering; maybe you now have new questions. Whatever your criteria are for gauging success, the ISC West experience is unlike anything in the security industry.

Words of Wisdom: If you left the show split between two different manufacturers and their different solutions, give it a few days. The best providers will demonstrate the added value they bring to every interaction by following up with relevant and useful information. So look for the answers to these questions: Did they deliver on their promise to follow up with you? Is their communication personalized and their message informational and relevant to you? Are they actually listening to you and what you need or are they just continuing to try and sell you a solution that doesn’t really fit what you need? The answers to these questions make the difference between becoming a trusted partner or becoming just another vendor.


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