5 Trends from ISC West

This year, security professionals from all over the world met in Las Vegas for ISC West. The show was very well attended and there was a lot to see, with new technology and innovation from many different industries. As always, video surveillance solutions were in abundance on the show floor.

Surveillance is undergoing a significant transformation from a technological perspective, giving this year’s attendees high expectations for what they might see at the show. They weren’t disappointed.

Here are top five trends from the show:

1. Video Management Systems are becoming more intuitive

Leading VMS’s dramatically improve centralized control and management of integrated surveillance and security solutions on a single platform. They incorporate the latest advancements in system navigation to ensure a superior user experience and ease of operation for any size deployment, along with numerous integrations which allow the powerful management and control platform to be highly customized to meet users’ specific needs.

2. Seamless stitching becomes the norm in multi-sensor cameras

Today’s multi-sensor cameras are expected to deliver superb Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) performance for the most challenging environments, as well as superior intelligence through built-in analytics. Instead of having multiple sensors work in silos, or a single sensor not capturing all the information, the most innovative multi-sensor cameras provide completely stitched, seamless and blended panoramic views with electronic pan/tilt/zoom (p/t/z) capabilities to put viewers in the middle of a scene while enabling them to focus on areas of interest.

3. Cameras designed for extreme environments

Explosion-proof cameras were a big hit at ISC West as end users within industries such as oil and gas, chemical plants and manufacturing look for the best in HD surveillance performance for the most hazardous locations and applications. The best of these feature a direct drive system devoid of belts, gears or pulleys to eliminate stray electrical discharge while providing the highest levels of physical integrity. Another critical attribute is a robotically welded water- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing that meets the tough NEMA Type 4X standard for use in extreme environments and demanding applications and makes these cameras virtually indestructible.

4. Preloaded analytics in IP cameras

Surveillance is well past the days of a security guard watching a system hoping to catch suspicious activity. Today, many IP cameras are equipped with analytics capabilities to help improve detection and crime prevention. In many use cases, the built-in analytics system can trigger an alert for events such as a car going the wrong way on a one-way street, or people counting in places where detailed visitor statistics are needed.

5. An emphasis on cybersecurity

As security professionals are quickly learning, cybersecurity is an important issue when deciding on a surveillance solution. End users are valuing reliability over price as the costs of a breach are too great to overlook. As our CEO Sharad Shekhar said in an interview with Larry Anderson at Source Security, “The business case for cybersecurity will be turned on its head when we start valuing cybersecurity in terms of the potential liability of a cybersecurity failure rather than the cost of developing a cybersecurity solution.”

The biggest takeaway from ISC West is that with all the emerging technology, surveillance providers can no longer treat “innovation” as a buzzword. They need to provide true, meaningful solutions that meet specific and relevant problems.

What were the biggest trends you saw at the show? Tweet us at @pelcovideo and let us know what you think.


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