5 Things You Must Do in Dallas During ASIS 2017

ASIS, the premier event for security professionals for more than six decades, is having its 2017 conference in Dallas, Texas. From September 25th through 28th, security industry leaders will gather in Dallas to join with their peers, create business connections, and showcase the latest in security solutions. ASIS attendees will have a great deal to do at the conference itself—with seminars, panels, booths, and many other opportunities to learn about and discuss the latest and greatest in the security industry. But what about outside the conference? Most attendees won’t be from the Dallas area, and it’s worth it to take the time to check out the sights. Dallas has a lot to offer, and attending ASIS is a great opportunity to take advantage.

The downtown Dallas area has great variety in terms of museums and exhibits on offer during the weekend of ASIS. Nearby to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, the Dallas Museum of Art will be holding several exhibitions during ASIS, including “Multiple Selves: Portraits in Print from Rembrandt to Rivera”, an examination on how the artist views themselves as the subject of a work of art, and “Shaken, Stirred, Styled: The Art of the Cocktail”, which features nearly fifty works examining “the culture of cocktails and the wares in which they were prepared and served”.

Just down the street from the Convention Center is Reunion Tower, offering incredible views of Dallas from 470 feet up. An indoor-outdoor observation deck provides panoramic, 360-degree views, and an augmented reality app offers puzzles and clues to solve during your visit. Multiple dining opportunities at Reunion Tower, including a rotating restaurant, give you an opportunity to get away from the hectic convention—and pick out the rest of your activities in Dallas.

Visible from Reunion Tower and a short drive away is the Dallas World Aquarium, which currently has exhibits featuring lizards, birds and fish from South Africa and Borneo, in addition to coral reef and kelp forest displays of ocean flora and fauna and a 20,000 gallon walk-through tunnel exhibit. The Aquarium has daily feedings for their sharks, penguins, and otters, among other animals, and has daily talks on animal ecosystems and conservation efforts of which the aquarium is a part. Exploring the beauty of the animal kingdom is a surefire way to relax during ASIS.

Giving back is a standing feature of the security industry, and with the current hurricane relief efforts underway for those affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many opportunities present themselves to volunteer. The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, which will also serve as a shelter during ASIS, has a website to direct your efforts if you wish to help with relief efforts. Volunteer opportunities are handled by the American Red Cross and Voly.org, and Carter BloodCare has set up local blood donation centers. The security industry is fundamentally interested in the protection of people and places, and helping with hurricane relief in Dallas is a great way to give back.

During the whirlwind weekend of ASIS 2017, it’s important to take a minute, step back, and look at the opportunities presented to you in the city of Dallas. Taking in culture by going to museums and historical sites, sightseeing, and getting to know the city are all great ways to shake off the stress of the convention and have a good time. In addition, being in Dallas presents a massive opportunity for the security industry to give back and provide aid during a time of great need in the region. Make sure you make the most of your weekend in Dallas during ASIS, while also learning about the latest the security industry has to offer and making those important industry connections.

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