Why Investing In A Robust Campus Security System Is Worthwhile

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than 80% of public schools — and more than 94% of high schools — in the U.S. used security cameras to monitor students during the 2015-2016 school year, nearly doubling the number of schools using cameras a decade earlier. With the increased focus on public safety due to school shootings and other crimes, those percentages are set to continue to grow. 

Regardless of if you represent a K-12 school network or a university campus, it’s fair to say that campus security has never been more preponderant in the minds of students, faculty, staff, and the general public at large. Some high-level objectives for most educational facilities would include:

  • Protect students, staff, and assets
  • Create a positive learning environment
  • Attract more students (especially important for private schools)
  • Create a diverse environment

Ultimately, all schools, universities, colleges, and other educational campuses need to keep students, staff, and facilities safe to create a positive learning environment. Decision-makers are compelled to find campus security systems which help students and staff feel secure, yes, but are faced with the cold reality of budgetary restraints. 


Educational Security Challenges

Likewise, security officers, IT directors, and facility directors must also consider how any potential security system will integrate with current operations — will it make your life easier or add stress due to complexity?  

To take a closer look at common higher education security challenges, directors and decision-makers must contend with a variety of security coverage obstacles, such as:

  • Monitoring potentially thousands of cameras
  • Securing arenas, stadiums, parking lots, and dorms
  • Access control
  • Communication between IT, police, facility staff, and others
  • Reactionary response if no funding for security cameras

To synthesize, most decision-makers will tell you that they want a functional solution that not only keeps people and information secure, but increases operational efficiency through seamless integration and ease of use. Ultimately, the system needs to fit the unique needs of a campus for it to be successful.

Now that we’ve established a framework for a solution, the question then becomes, what is possible to achieve given the reality of a fixed budget? 

In this Security Insights blog from Pelco, we take a look at how Pelco’s educational security system tangibly addresses a broad range of obstacles educational campus decision-makers face. 

Campus Security 2

Pelco’s Robust Educational Solution

From a general standpoint, Pelco offers intelligent video surveillance solutions for educational facilities. We provide customized solutions for primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities. From traffic and parking management through automatic license plate recognition technology to reducing bullying and crime with live and recorded video, Pelco’s video surveillance solution offers a complete picture of what has happened and what is happening on campuses. 

Below, we showcase several of the numerous ways our solution proactively keeps students, faculty, and staff safe while achieving a better learning environment. 

Icons Pelco-09Reliability & Scalability

Pelco’s VideoXpert video management system is as stable as it is scalable. We use Dell Hardware, complete with Dell’s service warranty, to offer a reliable foundation for our security systems. What’s more, health checks on our systems can be performed either manually or, if you prefer, automatically.

Concerning scalability, we offer a non-proprietary, open system that seamlessly integrates with third-party systems. This allows us to customize your security system to fit in with what you would like to keep from your current set-up. 

Icons Pelco-10Ease of Use

Whether you are an IT professional or a campus security officer, you’ll find our user interface to be intuitive from the moment you start using it. Yet at the same time, our solution is robust; you can quickly export data, tag, map, collaborate in real-time, and utilize a quick investigations tab for time-sensitive queries. 

VideoXpert’s installation process is remarkably simple as well. It takes mere minutes to install, and we offer a comprehensive set of training resources to ensure you are taking full advantage of all the features our video management system has to offer.

Icons Pelco-11A Wealth of Training Resources

In addition to the aforementioned training library available at Pelco.com, we also provide operator training; an on-site and hands-on training where your team will work intimately with a Pelco training representative. If that isn’t plausible, we also offer virtual training through Pelco professional services.  

Icons Pelco-12Budget

Last but certainly not least, Pelco provides economical video surveillance solutions for schools and universities. We’ve engineered our systems to be implemented in phases. That is, our system is scalable in the sense that we can solve for priority issues first. If funding is limited, we can set up a plan to solve for secondary challenges down the road once there is more room in the budget. 

If, however, there is the chance that there won’t ever be more room in the budget, we are experienced in helping different parties collaborate to formulate a proposal for additional funding. Again, it’s 2020 — there’s never been a time when campus security has mattered more. 

Partner with Pelco

At Pelco, we understand that you have a vast range of security challenges to contend with — and a finite budget to accomplish exactly that. At the end of the day, we provide customized, economical, and integrative video surveillance solutions for educational facilities. We can help you proactively keep students, faculty, and staff safe while improving your operational efficiency across the board. In that sense, investing in a robust campus security system is worthwhile for myriad reasons!

Reach out to us today so we can speak with you about the unique needs of your campus.

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