The Hagadone Corporation – Security Case Study

Since 1968, the Hagadone Corporation has been a beacon of recreation and hospitality in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, community. Their operations are expansive and their facilities are many; from the nearby Coeur d’Alene Resort to other operations that include hospitality, restaurants, golf, media and publishing, advertising, real estate, photography, aviation, and marine. 

Some facilities are local, while others are a fair distance away from their hub of operations in downtown Coeur d’Alene. As you might imagine, employing a centralized, efficient, and economical security and surveillance system would be considered a challenge of significant proportions. Yet that is exactly what the Hagadone Corporation has been able to achieve through employing Pelco’s VMS solution for commercial spaces

In today’s blog, we investigate how Pelco’s commercial surveillance solution facilitated the Hagadone Corporation’s significant cost savings and public safety improvements, all while helping the community thrive.

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Hotel Challenges

Judd Jones, Hagadone Corporate Director of Technology, recognized three primary security challenges the hotel resort faced: internal control, monitor cash flow, and point of sales. The foundational element of Pelco’s solution allowed them to more closely monitor how cash is being handled at point of sale systems, all of which afforded superior control of internal operations. 

Once the foundational elements of internal operations were secure, Mr. Jones noted that Pelco’s commercial security solution supplemented an improved guest experience for a range of facility types: hotels, restaurants, bars, and others. 

Thirdly, Mr. Jones identified how Pelco helped improve public safety in downtown Coeur d’Alene more generally. 

“We have a very large footprint in our local communities…Pelco gives us a very good foundation to give a better public safety scenario. We work closely with local law enforcement, we’ve worked with the FBI. We’ve had a number of things happen in our organization, in our properties, where the Pelco solution has helped solve some pretty big crimes actually. So this has been a very solid implementation with the product.”

angleDay-To-Day Operations

Director of Security Nick Beauley echoed Mr. Jones’ sentiments regarding the versatility of Pelco’s solution. In this case, Nick noted that they were simply able to “catch more things” and “improve a lot of tasks to make our day to day operations a little safer.”  

CarSpotlight: Valet & Insurance Claims

Jones noted that valet issues have been among the biggest challenges their organization has faced. The inherent risk of valets taking a customer’s vehicle was substantially mitigated via installing Pelco’s surveillance cameras. The Hagadone Corporation optimized its liability framework in a dramatic way:

Said Buley,

“In 2017 we had eleven insurance claims submitted, 2018 we had 15 insurance claims submitted, and this year was our biggest initiative in terms of enhancing the Pelco system we have. And right now we have two.Right now we are down $25,000 in insurance claims from last year to this year.

In no uncertain terms, Pelco’s commercial VMS is an investment which will pay for itself for a multitude of corporations looking for a versatile video surveillance system. 

SafetyEase Of Use

Joel Hart, a Hagadone surveillance associate, took the time to point out just how intuitive and easy to use Pelco’s video security system is. In real-life, day-to-day activities, Pelco is designed with users in mind:

“The ease of use is definitely there because I’m not the most tech-savvy person. I’m just on your basic PC use level, and I don’t have any problems navigating the system, or saving footage, or cropping footage, or being able to save it and put it together for an investigation or a report.”

Mr. Hart goes on to highlight how Pelco’s security cameras have reduced crime in downtown Coeur d’Alene:

“Since we’ve put more of this in our downtown core, our campus, we think that it’s really curbed some of the crime in the downtown area. And the police agree with us that it’s been a big help for them. And we’re not done. We are going to continue to put some more equipment out and cover an even bigger coverage area. So it’s really a public safety thing, a loss prevention piece, and I think it just really gives peace of mind to our guests.”


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Whether your priority is improving ROI, enhancing operational efficiencies, increasing public safety, optimizing guest experience, or all of the above, Pelco’s commercial video security system is the ideal solution.

We offer integrated, customized video surveillance solutions that meet the practical, ad-hoc needs of our customers. For a robust surveillance system tailored to your business, reach out to Pelco at your convenience. 

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