Protecting Banks’ Reputations with Innovative Surveillance Solutions

Thought your bank could do without the latest surveillance technology? Think again. With the the ability to extract great detail from shadows and brightly lit areas save you on operational costs, the GFC Professional 4K camera goes above and beyond to equip banks with an innovative surveillance solution that keeps customers, employees, and assets safe.

Here are three ways the GFC Pro 4K camera boosts security in today’s banks:

  1. Maximizes Visibility

A major priority most banks share when it comes to surveillance is the need to clearly view a scene to properly identify and respond to any security incidents such as an intruder or a child separated from their parents. However, it can be challenging to capture details of people and objects when contrasting light conditions persist. For example, bright daylight streaming through entrances or glass windows can obscure details on faces of people walking in. With 100dB True Wide Dynamic Range, the GFC Pro 4K camera captures crucial detail equally from both bright and dark areas of a scene. This way, security administrators can quickly spot and respond to potential threat scenarios without worrying about lighting conditions or how they are changing over time. The 8 Megapixel resolution of the camera enables operators to see details like denominations of bank notes from further away or across a wider field of view. This camera also includes a built-in IR illuminator, which produces detailed black-and-white images in zero light while preserving detail even as objects approach the camera. This feature is perfect for outdoor applications when detection is needed after nightfall in places where visible lighting needs to be turned off for regulatory or energy saving reasons.

  1. Budget Saver

While the GFC Pro 4K camera tackles challenging lighting conditions, it also saves you on bandwidth and storage costs so you won’t have to compromise innovative surveillance solutions for affordability. It comes with H.265, the highest industry compression standard. In addition, Pelco Smart Compression can reduce bit rates which results in up to 85% savings on bandwidth and storage, depending on the amount of lighting and motion in the scene. It works by compressing inactive scenes more while leaving crucial moments where there is movement untouched for an optimal balance between image quality and reduction of storage.

  1. Withstands the Elements

Even tough weather conditions are no match for this surveillance camera, which features a wide temperature range (between –40°F to 162.5°F). Whether the bank is in an arid desert, arctic tundra, or somewhere in between, security administrators can be rest assured knowing that the camera will deliver on results regardless of temperature. What’s more, the camera’s construction boasts an IK10 and IP66 rating for impact/vandal resistance and water/dust protection, respectively.

These are just some of many ways the GFC Pro 4K camera gives banks the security they need in order to operate as reputable and profitable businesses. Learn more about Pelco’s surveillance solutions here.

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