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Powered by Pelco, Security Insights is your go-to resource for all things video surveillance and security camera systems. We seek to provide practically useful information, delivering insights for security professionals who hail from a wide range of backgrounds and industries.

While some Security Insights blogs include interviews from top minds in various subsets of industry verticals, others will highlight the broad range of ways Pelco’s solutions benefit organizations of all kinds. From SMBs to enterprise-level corporations, Pelco offers innovative and customized CCTV camera systems and commercial video surveillance solutions.

As the title of this blog no doubt already revealed, today’s post falls under the latter of the two aforementioned blog categories. Below, we’ll introduce Pelco and our solutions at a high-level, highlighting the unique blend of software and professional service which characterize our organization.

Who We Are

Pelco is a global pioneer in the design, development, and manufacturing of predictive video security solutions. This includes CCTV camera systems, video management systems, video software as a service, along with other software and numerous professional services. We offer a host of industry-leading IP video security products and systems which not only yield profitable results for our customers, but ultimately contribute to making the world a safer place.

Video Surveillance Solutions

We would like to highlight a few prominent differentiating factors our
products feature:

  • Mobility – Mobile security systems have become essential for numerous applications in recent years, from universities and first responders to airports and seaports. If security personnel possess live video feeds of a situation, they can arrive on-scene with better context and ability to respond swiftly.
  • Performance Challenges – We offer sophisticated security solutions that make a tangible difference in combining two crucial technologies in a single camera: true Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and advanced low-light performance. Even in the most demanding of lighting environments (including those with extreme contrast and low-lighting conditions) our cameras have the capacity to simultaneously apply WDR and low-light functionality in order to thrive no matter what environmental challenges might present themselves.
  • Vandal-Resistant Cameras – Many of our clients are forced to contend with rugged environments when searching for a video surveillance system. Whether the application involves a municipal building or a retail setting, ensuring uninterrupted function of video surveillance cameras is of paramount importance. Pelco offers vandal-resistant cameras which withstand direct blows to housings and lens covers without breaking or interrupting the video.
  • Challenging Environmental Conditions – Our IP security cameras must account for exposed outdoor installations and other extreme environments. We’ve engineered our security cameras to thrive in conditions while delivering a clean output. For example, certain Pelco security cameras come equipped with blowers, sun shrouds, heaters, and are made of 316 stainless steel.

Security System Technology

  • 4K Technology – When it comes to video surveillance, there’s no room for error. Pelco’s 4K Professional Series offers 4K clarity with a superior level of detection. Between our Spectra Professional 4K and GFC Professional 4K series, our CCTV camera systems offer the ability to capture both minute details in completely dark locations and clarity while surveying a large field of view with a single camera. Click through on our 4K Professional Series resource for details on each series.
  • VSaaS – For businesses of all kinds, managing on-site camera systems is often time-consuming and costly. Systems with local storage are expensive and maintenance-heavy as well. Pelco offers video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) so that users can record, store, view, and manage footage hosted in the cloud.
  • Smart Compression Technology – Pelco offers Smart Compression Technology that lowers bandwidth and storage requirements up to 70%. While this is quite valuable in its own right, we’ve managed to retain image quality and critical information relevant to forensic purposes. Among the many benefits of Smart Compression Technology has to offer are reduced storage capacity requirements, high resolution, and up-gradable firmware to protect your investment — without sacrificing quality down the road.

IP Driven. Customer Focused. Trusted.

At Pelco, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We strive for quality in everything we do, we view every decision through the lens of the customer, and we drive a high-performance culture.

We’ve established that Pelco offers innovative video surveillance software and products, but all the ingenuity in the world is ultimately negligible if the quality of our products is not paired with a customer-first mindset. When products and professional services work in tandem to meet the unique needs of our customers, it becomes a solution. Allow us to tailor yours by reaching out to us at your convenience. Go to

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