How Pelco Boosts Security in the Gaming Industry

Surveillance operators face many challenges when it comes to securing casinos and other environments within the gaming industry. Preventing and minimizing asset loss, for example, remains one of the top priorities, along with difficult lighting conditions. Whether it’s our VideoXpert VMS or the GFC Professional 4K camera, security professionals can experience intelligent surveillance solutions that not only maximize visibility, but also automatically alert Surveillance when suspicious activity is detected. Read to find out how Pelco makes gaming environments safe for guests, employees, and property, all year round.

  1. Reduced fraud and faster response times

In other video management systems, Surveillance personnel usually need to constantly monitor each feed and manually point out likely threats. However, this approach fails to take human error into account, which in turn exacerbates potential security breaches. To reduce response times, within the VideoXpert platform, Surveillance personnel can configure specific motion triggers to automatically alert them and, if necessary, law enforcement to respond to the scene if necessary. This platform can also be used in conjunction with products such as Pelco’s Optera 270 camera, which is especially ideal for environments where downtime is not an option.

  1. Identify persons of interest with an eye-level solution

Traditionally, ceiling-mounted 360-degree fisheye cameras have provided gaming security teams with an aerial approach for monitoring guests and employees. Unfortunately, these cameras lack the ability to capture crucial identifiers such as faces or clothing. Instead, casinos and similar environments can adopt wall-mounted fisheye cameras like Pelco’s Evolution 180 camera, which features a high-definition panoramic view that maximizes visibility and increases the chance that suspects are apprehended successfully, thanks to its eye-level view that enables more accurate identification. A wall-mounted camera is also a stronger visual deterrent that can prevent individuals from engaging in gaming fraud or theft.

  1. Navigate difficult lighting with ease

A major priority most casinos share is the need to clearly view a scene in order to properly identify and respond to any incidents, especially on the casino floor where varying lighting conditions exist. However, it can be challenging to capture details of people and objects when difficult lighting conditions persist. With a built-in integrated IR illuminator, the Spectra Enhanced camera captures clear detail, even in areas where lights from slot machines, for example, may otherwise overpower crucial forensic evidence in case of instances where fraud is taking place.

  1. Save on storage and bandwidth

While Pelco’s Spectra Professional 4K camera tackles challenging lighting conditions with a high-resolution image, it also saves gaming environments on bandwidth and storage costs so security personnel can capture clear video efficiently through H.265 and Pelco Smart Compression. It works by compressing inactive scenes more while leaving crucial moments where there is movement untouched for an optimal balance between image quality and reduction of storage, so no action is missed.

These are just some of many ways that Pelco provides the gaming industry with video surveillance solutions. Learn more about Pelco’s surveillance solutions here.

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