Four Ways Pelco Enhances Stadium Security

Before any game, stadium security need to secure hundreds of thousands of spectators, staff, players, and the property itself. This brings many challenges for those who are tasked with monitoring such events, including navigating large spaces, difficult lighting conditions, and crowded spaces. For these reasons and more, security personnel need video surveillance solutions that anticipate such situations while capturing sharp images of any potential incidents or suspects. Here are four ways Pelco’s industry-leading products and services boost security in sports venues worldwide.

  1. Intuitive Alerts and Maps

Stadiums require anywhere from hundreds to even thousands of cameras. VxMaps helps security personnel keep track of their cameras on a user-friendly map interface so they can determine their operational status at any time and address potential maintenance-related issues in a timely manner. What’s more, when VxMaps is used with automatic alerts, any abnormal activity is readily captured through VideoXpert and instantly reported to appropriate personnel so they can respond to the scene within seconds rather than long after the incident has passed.

  1. An Expansive View

Major sports venues that seat thousands of spectators are known for their expansive spaces, which means that video surveillance solutions need to adapt accordingly so that no action is missed. The 12 MP Optera camera provides maximum visibility through its Panomersive view, which stitches and blends video from four sensors into one seamless panoramic image. What’s more, the Panomersive feature can be used with the Spectra Enhanced camera to zoom in on subjects of interest. This allows security personnel to effectively see a wide range of activity from just one camera.

  1. Works in Any Lighting Condition

Another way to enhance security in sports stadiums is to utilize a surveillance solution that adapts to various types of lighting, ranging from pitch-black areas to mid-day glare from reflective surfaces like seats or windows. This can pose a unique security challenge in which potentially dangerous activity flies under the radar. To help prevent these incidents from happening, Pelco offers several camera features. Sarix and Spectra Enhanced cameras with Surevision offer best in class Wide Dynamic Range and low light performance at the same time.  Spectra Pro IR cameras have integrated IR illumination to see in complete darkness. These features diffuse difficult lighting situations to provide security personnel with a clear view for identifying characteristics such as faces in the crowd. Suspicious license plates are also easily recognized with the help of VxPlates.

  1. Save on Bandwidth and Storage Costs

Features like 4K resolution in most surveillance cameras normally drain budgets dedicated to storage and bandwidth, making security personnel choose between image clarity and affordability. Thanks to H.265 and Pelco Smart Compression, storage and bandwidth costs are reduced by up to 85% so effective security remains a priority. These features can be used with cameras like the GFC Professional 4K and Spectra Pro 4K cameras for optimum cost savings. Whether it’s the Superbowl or a local college football game, Pelco is committed to providing sports arenas and stadiums with innovative surveillance solutions all year round.

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