Five New Security Technologies & How School Campuses Are Using Them

School campuses across the nation are upgrading their systems to faster, clearer, and more powerful security camera systems to better protect everyone. These cameras have evolved and come a long way since their earlier versions.

In today’s blog, we want to focus on five new security technologies and how the education sector is making the most of the features and improvements they offer.

technologyEnhanced Fixed IP Cameras

From increased safety to improved behavior for a more positive learning environment, fixed IP cameras can help bring about the results you want. With these surveillance cameras in place, schools are able to accomplish a lot more in real time.

There are numerous situations where a camera such as this can make a marked difference. Accidents happen on campuses, and a fixed IP camera system can pick up the activity in real time and send an alert to get help right away.

Another area where schools are using these surveillance cameras is for the prevention of bullying. As part of a concerted anti-bullying effort, security camera systems can discourage kids, teens, and adults from acting in an aggressive or disrespectful manner towards others.

But what does IP stand for? It means “Internet Protocol” and it’s what schools are using more and more because of the ability to utilize powerful Internet features for surveillance.

An enhanced fixed IP camera differs from analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in that it doesn’t need a local recording device. A school, whether it’s a public elementary school, a private university, a trade school, or any other educational institution, can use its local area network (LAN) for the network connection.

Here at Pelco, we offer our Fixed IP Sarix Enhanced Cameras that are popular with schools throughout the nation. These cameras can stream images in real time, and they can be accessed remotely and securely.

Sarix Enhanced Fixed IP Cameras provide educators and administrators with outstanding features including:

  • Expanded view range
  • Compensation for poor lighting conditions
  • Improved fault tolerance
  • Higher processing speeds
  • A selection of different form factors to fit your environment

Five New Security Technologies

angleCorner Units With Camera Sabotage Detection

Another type of surveillance technology that has become popular with schools is the corner unit. This type of camera can be more discreet, set into corners of libraries, laboratories, offices, and other lower-traffic but sensitive areas that need to be monitored to keep everyone safe.

At Pelco, we offer the Sarix IBD Series High Security Corner Mount Camera with excellent motion detection capabilities. These automated units are easily mounted into corner locations for full-room views, including wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling views. What’s more, their sleek design and corner location make them tamper-resistant. Our units include sabotage detection, making them a great solution not only in school settings, but in correctional facilities as well.

If your oscilloscopes are going missing from your electronics lab, or there are reports of bullying or harassment in a more remote section of the school library, consider installing wideview corner units to see what’s going on and put an end to any negative behavior.

eyeSmooth Tracking in Indoor Settings

In high-traffic areas, such as cafeterias, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and student centers, high-speed dome camera systems work great. You’ve probably seen these types of cameras in retail settings, airports, casinos, and other environments that have a lot of foot traffic.

Pelco’s Spectra Professional High Definition IP Dome Positioning System is ideal for these common areas in high schools, colleges, and other learning centers; our high-definition products are far superior to standard domes, delivering six times the resolution. This means you’ll be able to see even minute details, such as tattoos or jewelry, to help you identify individuals. These domes enable you to smoothly track activity and more easily identify everyone in the scene.

PanoramaNext Generation Panoramic Cameras

School campuses are making use of next generation panoramic cameras for wider views of outdoor spaces or large indoor areas. As campuses continue to grow and expand their facilities, these wideview panoramic cameras are proving to be invaluable.

Pelco offers a number of options in this arena. Our 12 MP Optera Multi-sensor Panoramic IP Cameras deliver outstanding performance even in low-light conditions, with fully immersive views and seamless stitching capabilities. Include these in your IP security camera system for full 180, 270, or 360-degree views.

If you’re interested in a seamless panoramic viewing experience, let us know. We carry other products as well that may benefit you.

SafetySophisticated Video Management System Software

Great cameras are a big part of the equation, but equally important is your video management system software. With great software, you have great capabilities!

You may be aware of the fact that there are numerous video management systems available on the market today. To give you options, Pelco designs our cameras to be compatible with the following and other sophisticated video management system software offerings:

  • Avigilon
  • Bosch
  • Genetec
  • OnSSI
  • Pelco
  • Salient Systems
  • Video Insight

Learn More About Security Technologies For Educational Settings

From daycare centers to post-graduate institutions, surveillance systems have become commonplace. If you need to install a new system or upgrade your current one, contact Pelco. Our technical staff is ready to help you keep your school setting safe through the latest, most effective surveillance systems available. Get in touch with us today!

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