5 Priorities For Shopping Center Security Operations To Keep In Mind

The holiday season is upon us, and while the holidays present a unique opportunity to boost sales and productivity for shopping centers, they also create an entirely new series of challenges for security operations to manage and overcome. Business security systems are the solution to creating a successful, safe holiday season.

When it comes to shopping centers, there are many factors to consider from a security standpoint. There is, of course, the need to protect and foster a safe environment for customers, but also for shopping center employees, support staff, and general property. Because the holidays dramatically increase the number of people, vehicles, and more passing through shopping centers, the need for vigilant security operations is never as high as it is this time of year.

At Pelco, it is our vision to help make the world safer, and it is our mission to deliver distinctive video solutions and world-class customer experiences that help make that vision a reality. Commercial security cameras and video surveillance are a piece of the solution, however, they need to be used correctly and with a purpose to fulfill that mission.

Today, we will look at five priorities for shopping center security operations to keep in mind for the upcoming holiday season to ensure both safety and operational efficiency as traffic increases.

1. Shopliftingmaskicon

There is no questioning the prevalence of shoplifting year-round and the problem it creates for stores and security operations, however, the amount of shoplifting in shopping centers around the country booms during the holiday season. In an annual retail theft survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International, more than 279,000 shoplifters were apprehended in 2018 alone by the 20 major retailers who participated in the survey. That accounted for $114 million in recovered money from the would-be thieves. But it’s important to remember that number doesn’t reflect the thieves who got away with the crime.

Business security systems, including commercial security cameras, are a highly-effective method of theft prevention. Unlike store employees or managers, security cameras for business can oversee your shopping center and stores at all times. Pelco offers robust video surveillance systems and sophisticated video management software that operate discreetly and intuitively for real-time monitoring, as well as multi-location monitoring. Beyond catching attempted thieves, security cameras for business are also great as a preventative measure. When people are aware they are under video surveillance, they are far less likely to commit a crime like shoplifting.

2. Employee-Related Theftcashregistericon

While it may be tempting to think of theft as an outsider’s crime, employee-related theft or dishonesty is actually a significant problem stores and shopping centers face on a daily basis. This is especially true during the holidays. According to the same Hayes survey, more than 80,000 of the 1.2 million thefts reported in 2015 were the result of retail employee dishonesty.

Business security systems through Pelco offer unique solutions for protecting against employee-related theft or dishonesty. Employees may not directly swipe items like a shoplifter, however, they apply discounts to items dishonestly or are willing participants in organized shoplifting schemes, which also result in a significant loss of product and revenue.  Pelco works with leading third-party manufacturers to design and deploy fully-integrated security solutions, including point-of-sale and other capabilities that today’s retail installations demand around-the-clock security.

3. Parking Lot Surveillanceangle

Security operations don’t stop at the front door. A large part of a shopping center’s property includes the parking lot, where a high volume of traffic enters and exits throughout the holiday season. Branching business security systems out to include outdoor security cameras allows shopping centers the ability to monitor their parking lots in real-time, increasing both customer and employee safety.

Through Pelco’s powerful business security systems, shopping centers can monitor not only the parking lots but emergency entrances as well. This enables security personnel to more effectively perform their job and reduce crime in and around the premises. We also offer an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system for capturing and detecting vehicle plates coming and leaving the parking lot.


4. Operational Efficiencygearsicon2

Beyond crime prevention, video surveillance creates a unique opportunity for shopping centers and businesses to review and analyze business practices and support. This can be useful for security operations and actual revenue-related activities as well. Tracking traffic flows, peak business hours, and other relevant factors surrounding the holidays allows shopping centers to staff appropriately and take proactive measures against previously mentioned challenges.

Through the use of cloud storage and cloud-based VSaaS (video surveillance as a service systems), Pelco gives shopping centers and other businesses a unique platform to improve operational efficiency and flexibility. These features include facial recognition and dynamic access control, for example.

5. All-Around Safetyhistory

Finally, and most importantly, is the all-around safety of customers, employees, and security personnel collectively. The holidays can be equally stressful as they are enjoyable for all parties involved, so it’s crucial shopping centers take proactive measures to ensure the safest environment possible at all times.

Pelco’s business security systems offer enhanced reliability and safety through innovative features like wide dynamic range for low-lighting conditions, multi-location remote monitoring, automated vehicle access control through ANPR and HD surveillance, to name just a few. Our video surveillance solutions provide safety for everyone while securing sensitive assets and data.

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