Secure from Within: How Intelligent Surveillance Solutions Keep Airports Safe

As air travel evolves to incorporate more automated check-in kiosks, retail centers, and added terminals, the need for interior airport security is ever-increasing. Along with on-site security personnel, metal detectors, and baggage scanners, intelligent video surveillance systems are required to ensure the safety of travelers, employees, and resources.

The value of surveillance systems has only increased with technological progress. No longer does it consist merely of a system of analog cameras constantly monitored by staff; newer cameras such as Pelco’s GFC Professional 4K are here to take the airport industry by storm with its ability to capture video in 4K resolution while saving you on storage and bandwidth costs. What’s more, video surveillance systems such as VideoXpert VMS now boast intelligent analytics capabilities that respond to a variety of data inputs and even automatically alert personnel to problems that may have otherwise been overlooked.

The incredible advancements that have been implemented in surveillance technology offer airports an opportunity to not only enhance security, but deliver better customer service to the millions of people they serve every day.


Of course, the top concern of any airport security operation is to prevent the worst-case scenario: acts of terrorism. In addition to screening passengers for potential tools of destruction, video surveillance can play a key role in helping security personnel identify those most likely to commit such acts.

An IP-based video management system can integrate with third-party data analytics programs aimed at identifying and alerting staff to people or activity that may be a cause for concern. Facial recognition programs that recognize passengers on international or domestic “no-fly” lists are increasingly being implemented to intercept potentially dangerous passengers. Other programs can also automatically spot unattended bags so staff can investigate them in a matter of minutes.


Thieves and pickpockets tend to target retail stores within the terminals and travelers who are checking in. The more sophisticated the surveillance, the easier it is to stop thieves and to deter future theft.

We recommend an IP-based video management system equipped with video cameras that provide a variety of perspectives in the terminal, including panoramic views that allow operators to get a sharp view of the scene. The enhanced footage makes it much easier for security personnel to spot criminal activity compared to grainy analog video.

Such video management systems consolidate all camera feeds into one screen, allowing operators to easily track suspects as they moves across the facility. If the footage does not lead to an interception of the suspect, it can still prove valuable in the subsequent investigation by helping to identify missed vulnerabilities as well as capturing a 4K resolution view of the suspect’s face. With an IP-based system, video footage and images can easily be saved and shared with other law enforcement agencies.

Baggage Claims

Unfortunately, long delays are relatively common, often because of faulty baggage handling alarms. When triggered, the conveyor belt is prevented from moving. However, airport officials aren’t aware of what prompted the alarm, which means they must spend more time identifying the underlying issue. It’s an unfortunate situation with both customer satisfaction and safety implications.

Advanced surveillance systems can significantly reduce delays by integrating VMS with Baggage Handling Systems (BHS). With this integration, the VMS can automatically validate BHS alarms for baggage jams, allowing staff to quickly move through the process of clearing a jam or addressing foul play. The system also identifies what caused the alarm to go off, meaning that staff can address the issue immediately without a lengthy troubleshooting process.

Innovative, Safe, Affordable

Advanced surveillance systems can help make every part of an airport from security to basic operations run smoothly and efficiently. Surveillance teams can have full confidence in their ability to identify and react to problematic situations, whether they’re imminent safety threats, incorrectly followed employee protocols, or common but irritating inconveniences for travelers.

An advanced VMS, with the addition of crystal clear views from the GFC Pro 4K camera, also allows surveillance teams to maximize the use of staff resources. By automating functions that used to depend on individual employees, the surveillance system frees up employees to spend more time dealing with the situations that demand staff, rather than simply watching video in a room, which can be vulnerable to human error. IP-based video surveillance systems help airports provide a safer and smoother experience for travelers and employees alike.

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2 thoughts on “Secure from Within: How Intelligent Surveillance Solutions Keep Airports Safe

  1. It is better safe than never. I know that security reason is the reason why some got delayed or cancelled flight but we can blame such security because they are doing their job. We can be angry with the due to conveyor problem if it got a problem then just abide to the problem and don’t make a scene that you are right. Allow them to do their job so that it will be easy and can’t cause any delayed or cancelled flight.

  2. Security measure is the one that always makes our flight delayed or canceled. But without these measures, we can’t have a safe flight. It is better to be a responsible passenger to arrive at the airport early so that you can’t be late on your flight. It is better to be early so that passing security won’t be a hassle on your flight.

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