7 Tips for Evaluating ALPR Software

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Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is a technology which harnesses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in order to read and track vehicle registration plates. ALPR is utilized in a range of applications to create and store vehicle location data — including law enforcement, border security, site security, parking lot management, emissions regulation, counterterrorism, along with many other commercial purposes.

Below, Pelco offers seven tips for evaluating ALPR software as it relates to functionality, flexibility, and systemic integration.

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1. The ALPR Software Must be able to Read Your Plates

The ALPR software in question must meet the fundamental requirement of reading license plates. The technology should the capacity to monitor multiple traffic lanes at once. In addition, we recommend determining if the software can read license plates with a variety of shapes and sizes. Being able to simultaneously read plates from numerous countries, provinces, and states is another recommended feature.

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2. Achieve Accuracy at Speed

Your software must achieve accuracy and precision with high-volume operations tracked at high speeds. The ultimate goal of ALPR is to keep traffic moving while capturing license plate information in multiple traffic lanes. Ensure that your software of choice is appropriate for a wide range of traffic operations, including emissions regulation, border protection, and acting as a force multiplier for law enforcement.

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3. How will you manage restricted areas?

Determine how your organization intends to manage restricted areas. If personnel will be stationed at gateways, your needs will likely be more limited. If the software will monitor entry/exit gates, your ALPR requirements will be more tailored to your unique operational needs.

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4. Flexibility

If at all possible, your ALPR software should integrate with your current systems and solutions, including existing cameras, VMS, and beyond. Discover if the ALPR software you are evaluating can be easily upgraded over time. Find a solution that integrates into a system that can scale as your business grows.

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5. Send and Receive Data

Ask yourself if your business requires a system that can share data with external organizations. If so, it’s crucial to articulate specific communicative needs (plate searches, partial plates, hotlists) so your solution provider can tailor their software according to your requests.

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6. Technical Expertise

Security Operations require a system that is easy to learn and is up and running quickly. To accomplish this, find out if you need to coordinate with IT personnel for storage or network bandwidth purposes. Keep in mind that if you do not have in-house IT expertise, Pelco offers professional services for all of your ALPR software needs.

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7. System Design

Even the best ALPR software relies on good inputs; investing in the most groundbreaking solution will be rendered obsolete if your cameras are not appropriately positioned to read plates accurately. While high-quality ALPR software is integral, it is a single element of a unified, functional system. Pelco provides complete systems (software, hardware, cameras, and more) for an array of verticals.

If your organization values highly accurate license plate recognition technology, Pelco’s ALPR software is worth your consideration. Our solution is designed to seamlessly: identify, validate, and control parking rights of entry/exit; locate, track, and/or measure traffic flow/time; enforce cashless toll collection; identify persons of interest, and much more. Pelco’s ALPR software optimizes operational efficiency while increasing public safety in a tangible way

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Pelco is a world leader in the design, development, and delivery of trusted video surveillance solutions and services deployed in countless markets by the most demanding customers. These advanced surveillance solutions incorporate Pelco cameras and Pelco software for video management and integration with other data-driven applications. By harnessing the vast potential of video-based data and combining it with other data sources, Pelco sees significant opportunity to enhance security and operational efficiency within enterprises and across urban environments.

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